Remember that only limited researchers have access to high-end micro-/nanofabrication facilitates worldwide. Processes and materials we are currently relying on may not be the best out of available options. We look for better processes for conventional micro-/nanofabrication materials and better materials to realize high-performance transducers.

Research Interests

Large scale batch fabrication of nanostructures based on silicon self-assembly, Hydrogel based micro-/nanoelectromechanical systems, Materials and processing for flexible, stretchable, and wearable devices, Nanoscale 3D printing of organic and inorganic hybrids, 3D printing for biomedical applications, Multifunctional atomic force microscopy, Single molecule force/mass spectroscopy, High-precision Laser based manufacturing and metrology, Additive manufacturing, Heat transfer

Current ongoing research topics

  1. Micro-/nanofluidic resonators
  2. Hydrogel microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  3. Precision laser metrology, Custom AFM
  4. Liquid metal printing, Flexible liquid metal devices
  5. Multi-scale/materials 3D printing, Biomedical implants 3D printing
  6. Droplets, functional micro-/nanoparticles

Press releases